NXT Capital Investment Advisers, LLC (“NXT Advisers”) is an indirect subsidiary of NXT Capital Group, LLC (f/k/a NXT Capital, Inc.) and we refer to NXT Capital Group, LLC and its direct and indirect subsidiaries collectively as “NXT Capital” throughout this Brochure. As of August 28, 2018, NXT Capital Group, LLC is an indirect, wholly-owned subsidiary of ORIX Corporation USA, which constitutes the U.S. and Latin America businesses for Tokyo-based ORIX Corporation (NYSE: IX; TSE: 8591), a public company (“ORIX”).

We provide investment advisory services to investment entities (each a “Client” and collectively with NXT Affiliated Clients (defined below), “Clients”) that invest in secured loans of the type originated or available for purchase by NXT Capital’s Corporate Finance Group (the “Corporate Finance Group” and such loans “CF Loans”), as well as first mortgage loans secured by various income-producing commercial and multifamily real estate properties originated by NXT Capital’s Real Estate Finance Group (the “Real Estate Finance Group” and such loans “RE Loans” and, together with CF Loans, “Loans”). NXT Advisers does not originate any Loans.

Our Clients will generally consist of entities established in conjunction with structured finance transactions such as collateralized loan obligations, privately placed pooled investment vehicles, investment partnerships, trusts or separate investment accounts that invest in Loans. Certain NXT Capital affiliated entities also receive investment advisory services from us and are treated by us as Clients (“NXT Affiliated Clients”). All Clients other than NXT Affiliated Clients are considered “Non-Affiliated Clients”.

Our investment advice to Clients is generally limited to Loans; however, we do manage a static portfolio of equity investments made by NXT Capital’s Corporate Finance Group, Real Estate Finance Group and discontinued Venture Finance Group for the former owners of NXT Capital (such portfolio the “Equity SMA”). Clients generally invest in Loans by purchasing an assignment or participation in one or more Loans. For more information regarding Loans and their associated risks, please see Item 8, “Methods of Analysis, Investment Strategies and Risk of Loss”.

At this time, only NXT Affiliated Clients can invest in both CF Loans and RE Loans although, in the future, other Clients may be able to invest in both types of Loans. For NXT Affiliated Clients we manage CF Loans, RE Loans and a static portfolio of equipment loans and leases related to NXT Capital’s discontinued Equipment Finance business. Except as otherwise described herein, investments for a Client are managed in accordance with the Client’s particular investment objectives, strategies, restrictions and guidelines as outlined in the respective Client Agreements and are generally not tailored to the individualized needs of any particular investor of the Non-Affiliated Client. At inception, however, NXT Advisers, in consultation with prospective investors, will sometimes elect to establish specific investment criteria for a Non-Affiliated Client. Such criteria can, but will not necessarily, include specific industry or property type restrictions and concentrations, investment product type concentrations, geographic restrictions, investment size restrictions. Information about each Non-Affiliated Client, and the particular investment objectives, strategies, restrictions, guidelines and certain risks associated with an investment, is described in the respective Client Agreements, which are made available to investors only through us or another authorized party. Since we do not provide individualized advice to the investors (and an investment in a Non-Affiliated Client does not, in and of itself, create an advisory relationship between us and the investor), investors must consider whether a particular Non-Affiliated Client meets their investment objectives and risk tolerance prior to investing.

We rely on the resources of our affiliates in providing investment advisory services to our Clients.

NXT Capital provides structured financing solutions to private equity sponsor-owned and other middle market companies and commercial real estate investors through its Corporate Finance and Real Estate Finance Groups. NXT Affiliated Clients will generally be allocated and retain a minimum amount of each CF Loan that we offer to our Non-Affiliated Clients that invest in CF Loans (“CF Client(s)”) and, except as otherwise agreed to with a particular Non-Affiliated CF Client, an individual Non-Affiliated CF Client of ours will generally not be allocated an amount that exceeds the total amount of the CF Loan allocated to and retained by NXT Affiliated Clients. NXT Affiliated Clients will generally not retain any amount of a RE Loan sold to Clients that invest in RE Loans (“RE Client(s)”).

NXT Capital, which began operations in April 2010, was founded by Robert Radway, NXT Capital’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, and other members of NXT Capital's executive team.

Prior to founding NXT, Mr. Radway, and Neil Rudd, NXT Capital’s Chief Financial and Administrative Officer, founded and served in the same positions at Merrill Lynch Capital, a middle market focused commercial finance business that operated as a subsidiary of Merrill Lynch Bank USA. Merrill Lynch Capital was sold to GE Capital in February 2008. Prior to forming Merrill Lynch Capital, Mr. Radway held a senior executive position and Mr. Rudd held a senior corporate development position with Heller Financial. Heller Financial was a NYSE- traded commercial finance company that was sold to GE Capital in October 2001. During their tenure at Merrill Lynch Capital and Heller Financial, as well as at NXT Capital, the current management team of NXT Capital and the Corporate Finance Group gained experience in originating and managing senior secured cash flow-based financings principally for private equity sponsor-owned and other middle market companies. The senior members of the Corporate Finance Group management team have 15 to 35 years of industry experience and many have worked together at NXT Capital, Merrill Lynch Capital and Heller Financial. The Corporate Finance Group focuses primarily on financing U.S.-based companies with earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (“EBITDA”) ranging from $5 million to $75 million that have characteristics including stable cash flows, leading market positions and experienced management teams. The current management team of NXT Capital and the Real Estate Finance Group also worked together at Merrill Lynch Capital and Heller Financial and have experience in originating first mortgages on commercial real estate across multiple property types. The senior members of the Real Estate Finance Group management team have at least 25 years of industry experience and many have worked together at NXT Capital, Merrill Lynch Capital and Heller Financial. The Real Estate Finance Group focuses primarily on extending RE Loans, ranging in size from $10 million to $75 million, to experienced middle-market real estate investors. These RE Loans are typically used for the acquisition or refinancing of multifamily, office, hotel, industrial and retail properties generally located in major markets.

We offer discretionary and non-discretionary advisory services. As of March 31, 2019, NXT Advisers managed discretionary Client assets of approximately $7,494,083,063 across 13 pooled investment vehicles and three collateralized loan obligation issuers; $693,619,261 of this total consisted of NXT Affiliated Client assets. We did not manage any Client assets on a non-discretionary basis as of March 31, 2019. please register to get more info

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Pooled Investment Vehicles $6,693,604,667
Discretionary $9,584,809,399
Non-Discretionary $
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