A. Describe your advisory firm, including how long you have been in business. Identify
your principal owner(s).
KSL Advisors, LLC d/b/a KSL Capital Partners (together with its fund general partners (unless otherwise specified), “KSL Advisors”) was founded in 2005 by Michael S. Shannon and Eric C. Resnick, who currently serve as the firm’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”), respectively, with Peter McDermott and Steven Siegel as two of the firm’s initial partners. KSL Advisors is controlled by Mr. Shannon and Mr. Resnick, and owned by Mr. Shannon and Mr. Resnick along with certain of the firm’s other principals and employees that own an interest directly or indirectly through KSL Associates, LLC, an affiliate of KSL Advisors. The general partner of each of the Funds (as defined below) is owned by Mr. Shannon and Mr. Resnick along with such other principals and employees. More information about the ownership of KSL Advisors may be found in our Form ADV Part 1, Schedule A. We are a private equity firm specializing in travel and leisure enterprises in the following sectors: hospitality, recreation, clubs, real estate and travel services. KSL Advisors provides discretionary investment advisory and other services through affiliated entities (“Affiliates,” and together with KSL Advisors, “KSL,” “we,” or “us”) to (i) certain private equity funds sponsored and managed by KSL (each such private equity fund, an “Equity Fund” and collectively, the “Equity Funds”) and (ii) certain credit funds sponsored and managed by KSL (each such credit fund, a “Credit Fund” and collectively, the “Credit Funds”) (each of the Equity Funds and the Credit Funds, a “Fund” and collectively, the “Funds”). We also provide investment advisory services to Co-Investment Vehicles and to the CMBS Vehicle, each as defined more fully in Item 5 below. Each Fund is managed by a general partner, which has the authority to make investment decisions on behalf of such Fund. Each general partner is deemed registered under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940, as amended (“Advisers Act”) pursuant to KSL Advisors’ registration in accordance with SEC guidance. This brochure also describes the business practices of each general partner, which operate as a single advisory business together with KSL Advisors and share common owners, officers, partners, employees, consultants, third party professionals, operating partners or persons occupying similar positions. The general partners do not have employees of their own. Each general partner has contracted with KSL Advisors or an Affiliate for day-to-day management of the Funds. For more information about the Funds we manage and the general partners of each Fund, please see our Form ADV Part 1, Schedule D, Sections 7.A and 7.B.(1).
B. Describe the types of advisory services you offer. If you hold yourself out as
specializing in a particular type of advisory service, such as financial planning, quantitative
analysis, or market timing, explain the nature of that service in greater detail. If you provide
investment advice only with respect to limited types of investments, explain the type of
investment advice you offer, and disclose that your advice is limited to those types of
We provide investment advisory services as a private equity fund manager to our Funds. KSL specializes in investing in travel and leisure businesses, including in the hospitality, recreation, clubs, real estate and travel services sectors. Our Equity Funds typically pursue transactions where we control the investment through whole ownership, joint venture or participating debt or preferred equity investments; the Credit Funds pursue performing debt investments not intended to result in control of the underlying assets. As part of our activities on behalf of the Funds, we:
• Originate, recommend, structure, and identify sources of capital;
• Monitor, evaluate, and make recommendations regarding the timing and disposition of investments; and
• Provide other related services.
C. Explain whether (and, if so, how) you tailor your advisory services to the individual
needs of clients. Explain whether clients may impose restrictions on investing in certain
securities or types of securities.
Our advisory services are typically not specifically tailored to the individual needs of investors in the Funds; the investment advice and authority for each Fund are tailored to the investment objectives of that Fund. These objectives are described in the private placement memorandum, limited partnership agreement, investment advisory agreement, side letters and other governing documents of the relevant Fund (collectively, the “governing documents”). Fund investors generally cannot impose restrictions on investing in certain securities or types of securities. Investors in Funds participate in the overall investment program for the applicable partnership, but may be excused from a particular investment due to legal, regulatory or other applicable constraints, pursuant to the terms of the applicable governing documents. KSL has entered into side letters with or similar written agreements with investors that have the effect of establishing rights under or altering or supplementing a Fund’s governing documents. Such rights may include, but are not limited to, notification provisions, reporting requirements and “most favored nations” provisions, among others. Side letters are typically negotiated at the time of the relevant investor’s capital commitment, and once invested in a Fund, investors generally cannot impose additional investment guidelines or restrictions on such Fund.
D. If you participate in wrap fee programs by providing portfolio management services,
(1) describe the differences, if any, between how you manage wrap fee accounts and how you
manage other accounts, and (2) explain that you receive a portion of the wrap fee for your
We do not participate in any wrap fee programs.
E. If you manage client assets, disclose the amount of client assets you manage on a
discretionary basis and the amount of client assets you manage on a non-discretionary basis.
Disclose the date “as of” which you calculated the amounts.
As of December 31, 2018, we had approximately $10,151,640,000 in regulatory assets under management, $9,445,060,000 of which is managed on a discretionary basis and $706,580,000 of which is managed on a non-discretionary basis. please register to get more info

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Pooled Investment Vehicles $11,735,090,000
Discretionary $10,369,770,000
Non-Discretionary $1,365,320,000
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