The former registrant, Adveq Management AG (founded in 2000) was a global private equity investment management firm which, together with its parent holding company and its relying advisers, was acquired in July 2017 by Schroder Private Assets Holdings Ltd, a subsidiary of Schroders plc, a listed company on the London Stock Exchange. In recognition of the transaction, the former registrant has changed its name to Schroder Adveq Management AG, is now a relying adviser to the registrant “Schroder Adveq Management US, Inc.”, and together with the other relying advisers: Schroder Adveq Investment Management (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (founded in 2008), Schroder Adveq Management Jersey Ltd (founded in 2010), Schroder Adveq Management Luxembourg SA r. L (founded in 2016) and Schroder Adveq Management N.V. (founded in 1999), collectively “Schroder Adveq” or “Registrant”. Schroder Adveq operates globally with offices in Zurich, Jersey, New York and Beijing. Schroder Adveq operates from additional offices in Frankfurt and Hong Kong and has associated persons operating from London (together the “Schroder Adveq Group”). The Schroder Adveq Group currently employs more than 90 professionals. Schroder Adveq is wholly owned by Schroder Adveq Holding AG, which in turn is wholly and ultimately owned by Schroders plc. Schroder Adveq operates within the Schroders group. Sales efforts have been combined between the Schroder Adveq and the Schroders group to market and sell Schroder Adveq’s products. Schroder Adveq’s Investment Management team operates independently from other investment teams within the Schroders group. Schroder Adveq is governed by a Board of Directors, with Stephen J. Mills serving as President and Executive Chairman. Former President and Executive Chairman, Mr. Bruno E. Raschle is the Vice President of the Board, and Allan S. Bufferd is a Member of the Board. For the most recent funds established in Luxemburg, Schroder Investment Management (Europe) S.A. has been appointed to act as alternative investment fund manager (“AIFM”) and as such, to provide certain services including investment management services (i.e. risk and portfolio management). The AIFM has in return appointed Schroder Adveq Management AG to provide portfolio management and certain administrative services to these funds. Since the founding of the first entity of the Schroder Adveq Group in 1997, Schroder Adveq’s investment advice has been focused mainly on investments in private equity funds but we may also recommend direct investments in portfolio companies. In general, we offer our services through two business lines:

(i.) Private equity investment advisory services to funds or fund-of-funds: Schroder Adveq provides investment management services to privately offered funds (each, a “Schroder Adveq Fund,” collectively the “Schroder Adveq Funds”) organized and sponsored by Schroder Adveq. Each Schroder Adveq Fund is controlled by its General Partner (“GP”) which is ultimately controlled by Schroders plc. Schroder Adveq or the AIFM, provides discretionary investment management services to each GP pursuant to the terms of an investment management agreement it has entered into with the GP of each Schroder Adveq Fund. The terms and conditions of each Schroder Adveq Fund, as well as the requirements to invest in a Schroder Adveq Fund, are set out in the respective fund documents. Investors should refer to the fund documents for a more detailed discussion of each Schroder Adveq Fund. Schroder Adveq offers a range of funds which cover major private equity segments on a global basis. To date, Schroder Adveq has organized 39 private funds and invested directly in more than 700 underlying funds and portfolio companies. Among the 39 Schroder Adveq Funds, 36 are offered (or have been offered) through one of five core investment strategies: Schroder Adveq Venture Capital and Technology strategy: An investment program consisting of nine funds focusing on fund managers investing in technology companies (predominantly venture capital) to finance innovation and growth primarily in the US. Schroder Adveq European Buyout strategy: An investment program consisting of ten funds focusing on fund managers investing in Europe, predominantly in buyouts. Schroder Adveq US Buyout strategy: An investment program consisting of five funds focusing on fund managers investing in North America predominantly in buyouts. Schroder Adveq Asian Growth strategy: An investment program consisting of five funds focusing on fund managers investing in financing innovation and growth in the Asia-Pacific region. Schroder Adveq Secondaries strategy: An investment program consisting of seven funds dedicated to investing in private equity funds and companies on a secondary basis across a full range of investment segments and regions. In addition to the above, Schroder Adveq has one fund focusing on agricultural investments two funds focusing on global megatrends accessed through a mix of highly specialized strategies. (ii.) Private equity investment advisory services to selected clients: Schroder Adveq also provides global investment advisory and management services to select clients (each, a “Mandate,” collectively “Mandate Clients”). These services include aiding Mandate Clients in the set-up, implementation and management or advising of private equity investment programs on either discretionary or non- discretionary basis. Mandate Clients may be structured as limited partnerships, with an affiliate of Schroder Adveq serving as the GP of such partnerships. Schroder Adveq may advise Mandate Clients on private equity investments in privately offered funds or on direct investments in portfolio companies in which Schroder Adveq Funds might also be invested. All services are agreed individually with each Mandate Client. Such agreements typically outline the Mandate’s investment purpose, objectives, strategy and limitations, and restrictions on investing in certain segments or types of private equity investments. The services described above are tailored to each client's objectives and guidelines. Prior to giving investment recommendations or making investments, Schroder Adveq reviews and considers the respective Schroder Adveq Fund’s or Mandate Client’s individual investment objectives and restrictions. As of December 31, 2018 Schroder Adveq’s total assets under management was USD 10.013 billion. Of that total, Schroder Adveq manages USD 9.503 billion in discretionary assets and USD 0.510 billion in non- discretionary assets. The assets under management figures above are comprised of all investors’ capital commitments, including contractually committed capital that has not yet been called and contributed. please register to get more info

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Pooled Investment Vehicles $11,471,416,619
Discretionary $11,646,233,950
Non-Discretionary $1,085,650,875
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