General Description of Firms Longview Partners is a specialist asset management company, focused entirely on the management of Global Equity portfolios. Longview Partners (Guernsey) Ltd (Longview Guernsey) is an investment advisor. The company is a Guernsey limited company with its principal place of business in St. Peter Port, Guernsey. The company commenced operations on November 1, 2001 and has been registered as an investment advisor with the SEC since December 2007. In addition, Longview Guernsey is licensed and regulated by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission (“GFSC”). Longview Partners LLP (Longview London) is an investment advisor. It is an English limited liability partnership, with its principal place of business in London, England. Longview London commenced operations in the UK as Longview Partners LP on November 1, 2001. With effect from 3 July 2012, the business of Longview Partners LP was transferred to a new legal entity, Longview Partners LLP. The UK entity, either as Longview Partners LP or Longview Partners LLP, has been registered with the SEC since April 2006. In addition, Longview London is also authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”) of the United Kingdom. The managing member of Longview London is Longview Partners (UK) Limited (the “Managing Member”), which is wholly owned by Longview Guernsey. The primary role of Longview Guernsey is to provide account management, administration and reporting functions in addition to overall risk and compliance oversight. The Board of Longview Guernsey comprises six Directors, two executives and four non-executives. Since June 2014, Northill Longview Holdings (Guernsey) Limited (formerly Northill Pallas Holdings (Guernsey) Limited), part of the Northill Capital Group (“Northill”), has owned a majority shareholding in Longview. Ultimate ownership of Northill rests with entities associated with Ernesto and Donata Guichard-Bertarelli of Switzerland. For further background details on Longview’s Directors please refer to the Longview Partners’ website. In its investment management agreement with each client, Longview Guernsey delegates its investment management responsibilities to Longview London while retaining reporting and administrative functions, as well as oversight of Longview London. Longview Guernsey remains jointly and severally liable for any actions by Longview London. This Brochure may also refer to Longview Guernsey and Longview London collectively as “Longview Partners”, “Longview” or the “Firm”.
Description of Advisory Services (including any specializations)
Longview Partners provides investment management services, almost exclusively to Institutional Clients and all on a discretionary basis. Investment management services are provided to corporate pension plans, government owned funds, insurance companies, pension plans of UK local authorities, sub- advisory accounts, US states, superannuation schemes, charities, foundations and endowments, as well as pooled investment vehicles. Longview Partners offers its portfolio management services to sophisticated and experienced investors through both separately managed accounts and a private investment vehicle, being Longview Partners Investments Sicav (“the Fund”), which is not available to US investors. Longview Partners is focused entirely on the management of a single Global Equity strategy. This can be accessed via a separately managed account or the Fund, but Longview Partners does not offer any pooled investment vehicles for subscription by US investors. The investment objective of the Global Equity strategy is to consistently generate alpha through investing in a concentrated portfolio of global companies within an absolute return framework. Longview Partners’ bottom-up approach invests in high quality companies with strong business fundamentals and attractive cash- based valuations. The process is disciplined, robust and rigorous, and bound by strict criteria. The portfolio is concentrated, typically investing in 35 companies whilst maintaining a focus on diversification and the avoidance of overexposure to common business drivers. Longview Partners’ assessment of valuation is focused on cash-based metrics and the intrinsic value of a business, not relative valuation. Longview Partners takes a long-term view of the prospects of a company and is index agnostic. S - 2
Availability of Tailored Services for Individual Clients
Longview Partners is able to tailor its advisory services to suit particular client objectives, performance benchmark requirements and investment restrictions. For example, clients with segregated mandates may impose restrictions on investing in certain securities or certain types of securities, such as tobacco or securities from a specified country. These restrictions should not be able to have a material effect on the construction of the client’s portfolio relative to other client portfolios in the Global Equity strategy.
Client Assets under Management
As of December 31, 2019, Longview Partners had approximately $31,888 million of client assets under management, all managed on a discretionary basis. please register to get more info

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Pooled Investment Vehicles $5,915,190,897
Discretionary $31,887,759,775
Non-Discretionary $
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