Rimrock is an investment adviser registered with the SEC. The Firm was organized in 2001 as a limited liability company under the laws of the State of California and is based in Irvine, California. The Firm has five principal employee owners (“Principals”), specifically, David H. Edington, Stephen Foulke, Christopher Chester, Paul C. Westhead, and Scott Dubchansky. Rimrock offers a long-term incentive compensation plan, whereby certain key employees, in addition to the principal employee owners named above, can participate in the long-term growth in value of the Firm. This program offers certain eligible employees the right to benefit from the Firm’s long-term growth and success by sharing in the appreciation in value of the Firm, achieved by delivering investment products and results consistent with the objectives of clients. Rimrock management believes such a program to be in the best interests of clients, consultants, and employees as the plan aligns the interests of all parties by encouraging long-term thinking, stability of personnel, and maintains focus on meeting client objectives. Rimrock provides discretionary investment management services to private funds established by Rimrock (the ”Private Funds”) and private funds or separately managed accounts established by third parties (“Managed Accounts”), as well as the Rimrock Core Bond Fund, an open-end registered investment company (together with the Private Funds, the “Rimrock Funds” or the “Funds”). Rimrock has sole discretion to manage its Funds’ investment portfolios. Generally, Rimrock does not accept instructions from clients with respect to investments by or for their accounts. Rimrock Managed Accounts can impose restrictions in the form of investment guidelines, return benchmarks, and restricted transactions. Rimrock Managed Account holders can also negotiate other terms with Rimrock. Rimrock Managed Account restrictions and Rimrock Core Bond Fund investment guidelines are formalized in executed advisory agreements with Rimrock. The Funds and Managed Accounts will invest predominantly in mixed strategy fixed income securities including (but not limited to), mortgage-backed, asset-backed, corporate, term loans, treasuries and derivatives. Rimrock does not provide general investment advice outside of agreed client investment mandates. Please refer to the applicable Fund’s prospectus or offering documents for detailed disclosure on the types of investments which may be purchased by that Fund. We reserve the right to purchase any other type of investment deemed appropriate based on the Fund’s stated goals and objectives. Rimrock Funds The Private Funds are private pooled investment vehicles formed by Rimrock to provide a means by which qualified and sophisticated investors may pursue alternative investment strategies. The Private Funds are not required to register under the Securities Act of 1933 or the Investment Company Act of 1940 in reliance upon certain exemptions available to issuers whose securities are not publicly offered. For most such strategies, Rimrock typically creates a master-feeder structure consisting of a master fund in the form of a Cayman Islands exempted company, and one or more feeder funds consisting of Cayman Islands exempted companies or trusts and California limited partnerships. Rimrock also manages the Rimrock Core Bond Fund, which is an open-end, registered investment company, organized as a Delaware statutory trust, available to all investors. Our Firm has organized and serves as the General Partner and/or investment adviser to the Funds listed below:
• Rimrock High Income PLUS (Master) Fund, Ltd. –5–
• Rimrock High Income PLUS Fund, L.P.
• Rimrock High Income PLUS (QP) Fund, L.P.
• Rimrock High Income PLUS (Cayman) Fund, Ltd.
• Rimrock High Income PLUS (JPY) Trust
• Rimrock Low Volatility (Master) Fund, Ltd.
• Rimrock Low Volatility Fund, L.P.
• Rimrock Low Volatility (Cayman) Fund, Ltd.
• Rimrock Low Volatility (QP) Fund, L.P.
• Rimrock Low Volatility (QP) (Cayman) Fund, Ltd.
• Rimrock Low Volatility (QP) (JPY) Trust
• Rimrock Structured Product (Master) Fund, Ltd.
• Rimrock Structured Product Fund, L.P.
• Rimrock Structured Product (Cayman) Fund, Ltd.
• Rimrock Structured Product (JPY) Trust
• Rimrock Strategic Income Fund, Ltd.
• Rimrock Total Return Strategies Fund II, Ltd.
• Rimrock Core Bond Fund Rimrock Managed Accounts Managed Accounts are private domestic or foreign accounts or entities, each of which is typically managed by Rimrock for the benefit of one investor or group of investors. Rimrock has been engaged by Copperstone Insurance Services, LLC, the general partner of the Rimrock Series of Copperstone Multi Series IDF, LP (the “Rimrock-Copperstone Series”), to assume responsibility for management, operation and control of the investment and trading activities of that Series. Similarly, Rimrock has been engaged by SALI Fund Management, LLC, the investment manager of Rimrock Relative Value Fixed Income IDF, a series of the SALI Multi-Series Fund V, L.P. (the “Rimrock-SALI Series”) to act as subadviser to the Rimrock-SALI Series. Rimrock acts as an independent contractor to each of the Series and allocates assets across the Rimrock Funds, as well as other funds and securities, in accordance with Section 817(h) of the Internal Revenue Code. Each Series, an insurance dedicated fund, is one where Rimrock serves as the investment adviser or subadviser, allocating to private funds in addition to serving as general partner and/or investment manager of certain of the underlying private funds. Rimrock does not charge a separate fee for its investment management role for the Rimrock Copperstone Series. Rimrock charges separate fees to investors in the Rimrock-SALI Series, but then offsets the investment management and incentive fees of the underlying Rimrock Funds against those of the Rimrock-SALI Series. Rimrock maintains standard fee schedules and liquidity terms for the underlying Rimrock Funds. Rimrock’s service as investment adviser or subadviser allocating each of the Series capital to Rimrock Funds poses a conflict of interest which is disclosed in the Series’ private placement memoranda. In addition to the Funds and Managed Accounts described above, Rimrock’s Principals have created Rimrock Capital Management Holdings, LLC (“RCM Holdings”). The purpose of RCM Holdings is to collectively invest the Principals’ capital in various investment opportunities, including Rimrock Funds and other investments. RCM Holdings is not a parent company or a subsidiary of Rimrock; it is affiliated with Rimrock only through its ownership by Rimrock’s Principals. Our Firm may sponsor or manage additional private investment funds and SEC-registered investment funds in the future. For the Private Funds, we restrict the number of investors and offer interests in those Funds –6– only through non-public transactions in order to maintain the Funds’ exclusion from “investment company” status under the Investment Company Act of 1940, as amended. As of December 31, 2019, Rimrock Capital Management, LLC had Regulatory Assets Under Management of $7,414,524,674 in client assets on a discretionary basis, and Net Assets Under Management of $4,114,675,688. Regulatory Assets Under Management includes all gross assets without any deduction for debt or leverage; net assets under management are calculated by subtracting outstanding liabilities from client assets. please register to get more info

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Pooled Investment Vehicles $5,862,250,988
Discretionary $6,573,070,875
Non-Discretionary $
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Rimrock Capital Management LLC

What should I know about this firm? Rimrock Capital Management LLC is a national financial advisory firm headquartered in Irvine, CA. The firm has $6.6 billion under management.The firm caters to ...

Rimrock Capital Management LLC

What should I know about this firm? Rimrock Capital Management LLC is a national financial advisory firm headquartered in Irvine, CA. The firm has $6.6 billion under management.The firm caters to ...
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