Payden & Rygel is an independently owned SEC-registered investment adviser that was founded in 1983. The firm is a California corporation, which is headquartered in Los Angeles, California and which has a second office in Boston, Massachusetts. Payden & Rygel is a privately held company with twenty-one shareholders, all of whom are full- time employees, actively involved in the firm’s operation. Joan Payden, President and CEO, owns more than 50%, but less than 75%, of the outstanding shares of the firm, and Brian Matthews, James Sarni, Mary Beth Syal and Scott Weiner, all of whom are Managing Principals of the firm, each owns more than 5% but less than 10% of the outstanding shares of the firm.

Payden & Rygel offers domestic and global fixed income strategies, as well as domestic equity strategies. To further enhance its capabilities and client service offerings, Payden & Rygel introduced a family of mutual funds, The Payden & Rygel Investment Group, in 1992. The mutual fund complex now has a total of nineteen mutual funds (the “PaydenFunds”). The mutual fund mandates replicate many of the investment strategies employed by Payden & Rygel in managing its separate accounts.

Payden & Rygel has also established a global presence. In 1998, with the growth of its international client base, it opened a London investment management subsidiary, Payden & Rygel Global Limited. This company is a registered investment advisor with the Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom and is wholly-owned by Payden & Rygel. That same year, Payden & Rygel established a 50/50 joint venture with a U.S. subsidiary of the Metzler Bank Group, the oldest private bank in Germany. This joint venture operation, Metzler/Payden LLC, provides investment management services to clients of both Metzler Bank and Payden & Rygel, combining expertise in both global fixed income and global equity mandates. Finally, in the Fall of 2018, the London subsidiary opened an office in Milan, Italy.

In providing its investment management services to its clients, Payden & Rygel tailors its advisory services to the individual needs of each client based on the investment guidelines agreed upon with that client. These guidelines may include restrictions on investing in certain securities or types of securities.

Payden & Rygel Asset Allocation Management Service – Wrap Fee Program Element. The Payden & Rygel Asset Allocation Management Service (“PRAAM”) is offered to clients whose investment objectives may be better served through the use of mutual funds, including in particular one or more of the PaydenFunds. The PRAAM program may also include the use of individual securities. PRAAM portfolios are managed using a number of investment strategies, including, for example, bond-only (including cash management) and balanced (stocks and bonds) strategies. Portfolios are constructed by various Payden & Rygel portfolio managers who evaluate the client’s investment needs and objectives and recommend an allocation structure. March 29, 2019 5 Client assets may be directly invested in the PaydenFunds because those mutual funds have their own custodians. However, in some cases, a broker-dealer or bank custodian may be used to hold client shares in the PaydenFunds and other individual securities held by the client. In connection with the PRAAM accounts, Payden & Rygel currently has such an arrangement for its clients with Charles Schwab Institutional, for which there is a fee paid by Payden & Rygel. This aspect of the PRAAM program where assets are custodied with Charles Schwab Institutional may be considered similar to a wrap fee program with Schwab as the sponsor. Separately, Payden & Rygel participates in a wrap fee program sponsored by Lido Advisors to serve as an investment adviser to some of its clients. For the investment management services it provides these clients, Payden & Rygel receives an advisor fee which varies depending on the investment mandate.

Finally, Payden & Rygel manages the PRAAM accounts and the Lido wrap fee accounts in fundamentally the same fashion it manages other accounts with the same particular investment strategy.

Payden & Rygel Assets Under Management. As of December 31, 2018, Payden & Rygel managed approximately $111.5 billion of client assets, almost all of which are on a fully discretionary basis. please register to get more info

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Pooled Investment Vehicles $11,526,773,907
Discretionary $116,728,285,662
Non-Discretionary $462,936,953
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